Chicago Illinois Insurance Quotes

by Ed Sneineh, Chicago insurance agent

Providing insurance for animal grooming and care establishments can be somewhat tricky. Not many insurers are interested in providing protection for this relatively risky class of business. For the most part, pricing and eligibility of coverage for animal grooming and care establishments are based on the size of business activities, degree of care offered, and type of animals included in the service.

Different Types of Coverage Needed by Animal Grooming and Care Establishments

Animal grooming and care establishments are similar to other businesses when it comes to their coverage needs for property, workers compensation, business auto, and umbrella insurance. However, their needs of commercial general liability and professional liability are somewhat particular.

Animal grooming and care establishments need property coverage to protect their building (if owned), their office equipment and tools, as well as other coverage such as crime, business income, signs, and more. If the establishment gives care or grooming services  at distant client locations, specific inland marine insurance is required to cover their grooming and care instruments.

Veterinarians and animal grooming and care services need a legally mandatory coverage of workers compensation. The expected premium is dependent on the future yearly paid salaries of the staff. Premiums are not based on the number of workers. Workers compensation for animal grooming allows for medical payment benefits and disability income benefits, as well as other benefits, for work linked injuries of the staff.

Commercial automobile insurance is coverage for the business autos that the grooming establishment is utilizing to transact business with. The premium is based on amount and type of insurance, garaging ZIP code, as well as age and driving experiences of operators.

The umbrella coverage for animal grooming and care will increase liability limits on all underlining liability policies, including auto liability, general liability and workers compensation. Umbrella coverage is good for well established larger size grooming services to better protect their assets and business investments.

Veterinarian, animal groomer liability insurance covers the business for any bodily injuries and property damage that the mismanaged behaviors of the business or its employees cause to the public against certain risks. It encompasses premises liability (slip and fall), product liability, personal and advertising injuries, and medical payment coverage. Similar to other businesses, commercial general liability does not provide any professional liability coverages.

Professional liability for veterinarians is a vital coverage. It covers the businesses against property damage and injuries to animals, for erroneous animal grooming or care services provided. As stated earlier these risks are not covered under the general liability policies. Live Animal Floater is a coverage that is aimed at covering the animals in the custody and care of the establishment.

Pricing and eligibility  for commercial general liability and professional liability are  based on some aspects including:

  • Nature of business. Whether it is a veterinarian services, grooming service, or any other service, insurance providers offering coverage want to know the exact nature of business. Companies have also to know if  services are offered for the training of attack dogs, animal obedience training, or similar training programs. Also dealing with thoroughbreds, exotic or rare animals, or commercial ranching will make a difference in the insurance price and eligibility.
  • Size of operations. Generally speaking, larger establishments are sued more often than smaller ones and, therefore, they pay more for coverage. Size of business is assessed by either annual revenues or yearly wages. Any payments to subcontracted business will be counted as payroll unless the subcontractors demonstrate that they have similar insurance.
  • Professional and trade experience of the staff expressed in terms of years of trade expertise, education, professional certification, prior insurance losses, and related matters.
  • Limits of coverage. Higher limits means more premium money.

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