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by Ed S. Illinois auto insurance agent in Chicago

Auto insurance quotes
have to meet certain minimum requirements to be considered valid. The requirements are normally information  that the quotes must reveal to the potential customers for fair comparison. This information is necessary so that the customers receive fair information in order for them to be able to compare car insurance quotes against each others, and compare the quotes against the actual policy; if and when the clients decide to purchase the coverage indicated on particular quotes.

Necessary information on auto insurance quotes are similar to the information listed on the auto policy declaration page. The following are the necessary items for all car insurance quotes:
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1, Names, addresses and phone number of the insurance agent proposing  the quote and the insurance company offering the coverage. There are many insurers who have similar names or names that sound the same, but they have significant rating difference. Knowing the exact company name is important especially when you want to compare the automobile insurance quotes that you have against each others.

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2. Name and address of the client being quoted. Client address reveals important information about the territory that was used to determine the car insurance rates. For example, if you actually live in Chicago and the address is a suburban address there is a high chance that it will be higher than other different car insurance quotes that are built on opposite assumptions. Also some companies run credit check which means car insurance quotes proposed for John Doe II (the son) may not be the same as John Doe (the father) even though everything else except credit is the same.

3. Dates of the proposals, and periods of coverage. Some automobile insurance quotes are based on yearly, others are based on periods of six months.

4. Vehicles covered, including the year, make and model. Although it is just a quote, changing even the model alone can cause big difference in the rate. Not all 2008 Toyota Camry's are the same when it comes to insurance. Some are more expensive than others. If the auto insurance proposals are built on offering full coverage on a cheaper model than the one you actually have the actual policy will come higher. This is very true for car insurance proposals offering comprehensive and collision with insurers that rate their coverage based on the actual cash value of the vehicles.

5. Limits of liability coverage offered. Auto insurance proposals can be based on significantly different limits of automobile liability insurance. The minimum that each motorist must maintain vary from State to another. In Illinois, all car insurance proposals and policies must be provided with minimum liability limits of (20/40/15); or $20,000 bodily injury per person, $40,000 bodily injury per accident, and $15,000 property damage coverage per accident. Some non standard carriers offer no more than that limits on all of their automobile insurance proposals and policies, while other standard carriers offer limits of 100/300/50. Some preferred carriers have no problem offering $500/500/500, or $500,000 limits on some of their automobile insurance proposals.

6. Comprehensive and collision coverage are indicated on the quote by showing certain premiums and deductible charged to the automobile insurance proposals for these coverages. The breakdown of charges allow the clients to know what coverages they have. If you see a positive charge for a coverage for a particular vehicle then you do have that coverage for that vehicle included.

7. Towing and rental coverage should also be accompanied with either no charge (blank) or positive charge on the automobile insurance proposals. The lack of premium charged means that coverage is not included. If the company is offering the coverage a premium charge would be indicated on the automobile insurance proposals for the covered vehicles.

Customers should not assume that they are covered for a particular coverage until they see that the coverage is explicitly stated on the automobile insurance quotes sheets _and_ a premium is charged for the coverage for vehicle.

posted on Monday, April 3, 2017