Auto Insurance Quotes Online Vs Auto Insurance Quotes By Phone

by Ed S. Illinois Auto Insurance Specialist in Chicago

Obtaining Auto Insurance by Phone Maybe Safer Than Online Quotes

A lot of people get tempted these days to obtain auto insurance quotes online. The online community is increasingly adding more materials, websites, and articles related to the automobile insurance quotes online. The question that arises is related to if or not it is productive and safe to request auto insurance quotes online.

When it comes to providing online car insurance rates the online community is divided into three different areas.  Rates may be offered instantly online, or may require human intervention and a callback from an agent at a later time, or simply a combination of both ways.

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Auto Insurance Quotes Online - Company  Direct

There are a number of actual insurance companies offering car insurance quotes online. In this case you will be contacted directly from an insurance agent from that company to explained the quotes offered to you and, naturally, to try to sell you the insurance. Insurers offering direct online car insurance quotes include Progressive auto insurance, Allstate auto insurance, State Farm auto insurance, Farmers auto insurance companies as well as other known companies.

The advantage of obtaining car insurance quotes online directly from insurers is that customers get firm prices with a carrier that they know about ahead of time. There are several disadvantages for this approach. First, the customer is really checking the rate with one carrier, and is not shopping from among several insurers. Second, in an effort to perfect the accuracy of heir quoting systems most of these carriers request extensive personal information such as complete names, social security numbers, dates of birth, VIN, driver's license numbers, and other personal information. Many shoppers find it awkward to provide accurate information to a company when they are only shopping. This will result in incomplete or inaccurate quotes offerings.

Auto Insurance Quotes Online - Broker Direct

Many larger independent insurance agents who represent several insurance carriers have invested in instant auto insurance rating systems that will offer instant auto insurance quotes online, with a number of insurers that are represented by the independent broker. The quotes are offered simultanously with no need to re-enter information for each insurance company.

The advantages to that approach is that the car insurance rates you get online represent the best or cheapest car insurance rates from among several insurance companies that are presented by the independent broker. This can save tremendous amount of time for the customer, and may yield the greatest saving. The major disadvantage of this approach is that the customer has to further research both the broker and the company offering the quotes to determine the quality of their customer and claim services.

While you may or may not know the broker offering the car insurance quotes, having physical locations for the broker is a key issue. Virtual brokers, as you will learn next, may pose a challenge, especially if you have some customer service issues. Dealing with a broker with a physical address within your proximity may answer this concern.

Auto Insurance Quotes Online - Lead Generation Agents

There are a number of leads generation websites that normally offer online car insurance quotes. These websites collect your personal information and sell it to several agents in your area, perhaps five agents, more or less. After agents get the information each try to offer you a quote based on who they work for. In most cases you can distinguish those from independent broker by the lack of physical address. Virtual, leads generation websites do not do the actual insurance selling. They are just onlin.e marketing businesses.

The advantage of leads generation website is that the shopper will get personal service when he/she later get phone calls from agents for further details or explanation of quotes. The disadvantages  are many and they include the annoyance that clients go through when they get bombarded with phone calls from several agents in a short period of time right after a quote is requested.

Auto Insurance Quotes Online vs Auto Insurance Quotes by Phone

Initiating an online auto insurance quote with a broker/ company in your area, followed by a phone call maybe the best approach. There is no doubt that visiting the actual location of the agent/ broker will even provide more security and assurance. This will allow you to maximize your savings, and at the same time will offer you some assurance of who you are dealing with, and ability to evaluate your choices.