Auto Insurance Quotes By Phone

by Ed S. Illinois auto insurance specialist in Chicago

Auto Insurance by Phone

Modern methods of communications such as the internet, fax, and phone have allowed people to get close together. With the advancement of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and other media the world is becoming smaller, just like a small village.

Shopping for Auto Insurance

People may shop for auto insurance by three different methods:
  • Personal visits to insurance agencies/ agents for quotes.
  • Getting auto insurance quotes by phone.
  • Obtaining auto insurance quotes by the internet.
This article will deal with getting auto insurance quotes by the phone.  Phone shopping is one of the best way for shopping for auto insurance. The following lists the advantages and disadvantages of getting auto insurance by phone:

Auto Insurance by Phone: Advantages

1. Save Time: Auto insurance by phone is more effective than getting insurance by visiting agents. The time you spend to visit one agent may just be enough to get five or more car insurance quotes by phone.
2. Live Help. Compared to internet shopping, auto insurance by phone will allow you to ask question and get immediate response.  Online auto insurance quotes does not allow the same level of interactivity.  

Car Insurance by Phone: Disadvantages

Major disadvantages of car insurance by phone include problems related to the serviceability and claims of the agency/ agents offering the car insurance quotes. There are lots of institutions that advertise online car insurance that do nothing but collect data and sell it to other agents. When you call for a quote the company offering the service will go ahead and sell your information to a number of agents who purchase the leads from that company.  Then agents will be calling you with quotes.

Also, visiting car insurance agents gives the customer better impression about the claims the insurance agent/ agency claim for themselves with regard to friendly service, accessibility,  availability, and representations of insurance companies.

Another major disadvantage for auto insurance by phone is related to quality of insurance. Insurance agents offering quotes by phone focus on offering the lowest auto insurance rates, not the best or highest quality insurance plan. Attention needs to be paid to quality of insurance when it is completed by phone. It is always recommended to tell the agent exactly what you want before an auto insurance rate is obtained.

car insurance by phone should always be considered  in connection with other options such as online auto insurance and personal visits to procure car insurance quotes.