Best Tow Truck Insurance In Chicago Illinois Progressive Tow Truck Insurance

by Ed Sneneh, Illinois Tow Truck Insurance Specialist

Tow truck insurance in Illinois is one of the intriguing areas of garage insurance. Dealing with tow truck insurance in Illinois require specialized skills and knowledge of certain fundamental coverages that are legally required or optionally applicable  to the tow trucking operations.

Generally speaking, towing businesses must maintain the following coverages: Garage liability insurance,  garagekeepers, and business auto. Garage insurance includes both auto insurance and commercial auto liability insurance. Garagekeepers insurance includes physical damage insurance (comprehensive and collision) on customers vehicles. This coverage may come as either on hook (while customer vehicles are in tow), or off hook (while customer vehicles are in storage).  Two truck businesses are also required to schedule their own vehicles for business auto insurance. Physical damage insurance (comprehensive and collision) on own tow truck is an optional coverage and may be needed for newer vehicles only or for vehicles that have lienholders.

Towing for hire insurance limits in Illinois must meet certain ICC requirements and other State requirements. In most cases the minimum limits are $750,000 Combined Single Limit for auto and garage liability insurance. Limits on On Hook coverage starts at $25,000 each vehicle.

The best tow truck insurance in Chicago Illinois is the one that meets the goal of the business and its budget. Progressive commercial auto insurance offers one of the best tow truck insurance policies in Chicago Illinois. Progressive excellent, fast and reliable customer and claim services.

Unlike Progressive that offers insurance for towing for hire business, Travelers Insurance, Utica Insurance, Hartford Insurance, Auto Owners Insurance companies do offer excellent coverage for garage and trucks at reasonable prices. However the coverage is available only in connection with other garage activities, and tow truck for hire may not be covered. Many companies will not do the filing for the ICC, which is required from all for hire tow trucks.

Insurance Companies Offering Tow Truck Insurance In Chicago Illinois

The Chicago Illinois market is one of the largest markets for the towing businesses. Many companies resort to price competition, something that may benefit consumers but may cost them more time in claim services and in shopping and re-shopping time. The following is a list of local Chicago Illinois tow truck insurance companies: Stonegate Insurance Company, Delphi Insurance Company, Unique Insurance Company. There are many other non-local carriers that offer tow truck insurance in Illinois. Dealing with a professional independent insurance agent may save tow truck business lots of time and money.

posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2017