Business Owners Insurance Policies For Illinois And Indiana

Business Owners Insurance Policies for Illinois and Indiana.
    • Auto Body  Shops
    • Auto Repair Shops
    • Apartment Building Insurance
    • Banquet Halls Insurance
    • Car Washes Insurance
    • Church Insurance, Insurance for Churches, Synagogues and Mosques and Other Places of Worship
    • Condominiums Association Insurance
    • Contractors Liability Insurance, Including Plumbing Contractors Insurance, Heating Air Conditioning Contractors Insurance, Handyman Insurance, Electric Contractors Insurance, Construction Contractors.
    • Contractors Bonds, All Types
    • Convenience Store Insurance
    • Day Care Insurance
    • Gas Station Insurance, including Full Service Gas Station Insurance & 24 Hours Gas Stations Insurance
    • Grocery Store Insurance
    • Head Start Insurance
    • Motels- Franchised Motels Insurance and Non Franchised Motels Insurance
    • Liquor Stores Insurance Including Liquor Liability (Dram shop Insurance)
    • Medical, Dental Centers Including Labs, Mobile MRI and X Ray Machine
    • Nightclubs Insurance, with and without live entertainment
    • Pharmacies Insurance, Including Pharmacist Professional Liability Insurance
    • Restaurant Insurance, Including Fast Food Restaurant Insurance and Family Style Restaurants Insurance, White Tablecloth Restaurants
    • Security Guard Insurance
    • Small Business Insurance
    • Taverns Insurance
    • Tow Truck Insurance
    • Trucking for Hire, Long Haul, Intermediate and Local, Including Cargo Insurance and Trailer Interchange Insurance
    • Used Car Dealers Insurance, Including Dealer Physical Damage and Car Dealership Bond
    • Vacant Property Insurance
    • Workers Comp Insurance

      Insurance coverage for Illinois paper contractors or general contractors are offered through several admitted and non admitted insurance companies. The agency offers (1) Contractors Commercial Liability, (2) Contractors Workers Compensation, (3) Contractors Installation Floater Insurance, (4) Contractors Property, Equipment & Tools, (5) Commercial Autos for Contractors, and many other coverages.

      We offer the following coverages: Paper and General Contractors, Carpentry - Interior or Exterior, Commercial and Residential, Concrete Construction - buildings and dwellings;Door, Window or Assembled  Millwork Installation; Drywall or Wallboard Installation; Electricians; Fence Erection Contractors; Floor Covering Installation; Furniture &  Fixtures Installation; Glass Dealer- Glazier; Heating and Air Conditioning Systems; Interior Decoration; Janitorial (Commercial & Residential); Landscape Maintenance &  Gardening; Masonry - Residential & Commercial; Painting - Interior & Exterior, Residential and Commercial; Plastering or Stucco Work; Plumbing - Commercial & Residential; Sheet Metal; Siding and Gutter Installation; Sign Erection, Painting & Lettering;  Swimming Pools - Installation & Maintenance; Satellite Dish Installation, Service or Repair; Tile, Stone, Marble, Mosaic or Terrazzo - Installation and

      Repair; Upholstery - Residential and Commercial.

posted on Wednesday, April 5, 2017